10 Types of Drain Services You Might Need

Slow drains are a common problem in Tucson, AZ homes and businesses. Our plumbers frequently receive calls to clean sluggish, smelly, and blocked drains. We offer a range of drain cleaning services to address all types of buildup, clogs, and obstructions that affect the performance and lifespan of drains and drain pipes. Here are 10 types of drain services that you might need for your residential or commercial plumbing system.

1. Camera Inspection

Before our plumbers begin any drain cleaning services, we may recommend a camera inspection. A drain and sewer camera inspection shows us what is causing a sluggish or stopped drain. We use a submersible camera attached to a thin, flexible cable and feed it into an existing drain opening. The camera’s video feed displays a monitor and provides us with a 360-degree view of the drain and pipe. With a camera inspection, we detect the type of clog, its location, and its estimated size. We use this information to plan the best approach for cleaning the drain and getting rid of the obstruction.

In some cases, the camera inspection shows us that the drain has more extensive damage. With this information, we provide you with options for cleaning, repairing, or replacing the drain and its pipe.

2. Mechanical Cleaning

When the camera inspection shows that your drain has a soft clog within 25 feet of the drain opening, our plumbers typically perform mechanical drain cleaning services. We do this with a drain snake or auger. A drain snake consists of a metal coil on a cable. The coil looks like a corkscrew or spring, and it loosens and pushes soft clogs out of the drain. There are hand-operated drain snake tools and powered drain augers.

For small residential drains with a mild to moderate-size soft clog, our plumbers usually use the hand-operated snake. For a bigger drain or clog, we use the mechanical drain auger. If you have already poured drain cleaning chemicals into the drain, our plumbers may need to flush the pipe with water before proceeding with the mechanical cleaning process.

3. Hydro Jetting

We prefer to perform hydro jetting drain cleaning services for severe clogs in commercial and residential pipes. Our plumbers also use hydro jetting for recurring drain clogs, such as those caused by grease and tree roots. Hydro jetting requires no chemicals or blades, making it safe to use in all types of pipes. When we use hydro jetting to clear tree root obstructions, it causes no harm to the trees.

To perform hydro jetting, we attach a hose to a pump in our utility vehicle. The pump adds pressurized air to the water. We pump the water at a pressure level of about 5,000 pounds per square inch. This pushes the most stubborn and severe clogs out of the pipe. Hydro jetting works on pipes two inches or larger in diameter, and it dissolves clogs anywhere in the drain or pipe.

4. Tree Root Removal

Even small trees grow extensive root systems, and those roots infiltrate pipes. The tree roots seek water and nutrients, which are plentiful in drains and sewer lines. When your drain or pipe develops a tree root obstruction, we often begin the cleaning process with a rooter. After chopping the tree roots into tiny pieces, we flush the drain and pipe with a large amount of water. This pushes the debris into the main sewer line and restores the full capacity to your drain.

5. Removal of Biological Buildup

Many types of biological buildup get stuck in drains. Grease, hair, skin, and solid waste all contribute to biological drain clogs. This buildup causes foul odors and slows the emptying process of wastewater from the drain. Our plumbers use oxidizing drain cleaners to dissolve mild to moderate clogs of grease, hair, skin, and solid waste.

These drain-cleaning chemicals also do a good job of dissolving food stuck in drains. To prevent future biological drain clogs, we recommend against pouring any grease, oil, or fibrous food waste into garbage disposals or drains.

6. Clog Removal

Our plumbers often get called to Tucson homes and businesses where an item was accidentally dropped into the drain. We also assist with drain clogs caused by the overuse of paper products. Misuse of the drain, such as flushing diapers, baby wipes, or hygiene products also causes severe drain clogs.

We remove the clogs with all of the tools at our disposal, including powered augers and hydro jetting. When a drain has a severe clog, our plumbers may need to use both of these methods in order to remove the obstruction.

7. Descaling

Mineral scale is a type of hard buildup that forms in layers on drains and in pipes. After layer upon layer of the crystallized minerals accumulate, the drain starts to empty slowly and eventually becomes clogged. We recommend routine drain cleaning to remove the mineral scale and prevent a wastewater backup.

To descale drains, our plumbers may use chemicals, hydro jetting, or an electronic descaler. In most cases, we begin with chemicals to dissolve the minerals, then we use the hydro jetting process to push the debris out of the pipe. We install electronic descalers, which create a weak magnetic field or low voltage that prevents the minerals from settling and forming a crust in the drain or pipe.

8. Grease Clog Removal

Grease clogs are common in Tucson businesses, especially those in the food service industry. These clogs also develop in homes and other types of businesses. When liquid grease from cooking comes into contact with the cold drain pipe, it solidifies. The solid grease quickly clogs the pipe. We use caustic drain cleaning chemicals to dissolve grease clogs in drains. Only a professional plumber with the right personal protective equipment should use these strong chemicals.

9. Hair and Soap Removal

We use acidic drain cleaning chemicals to remove moderately thick clogs of hair and soap in drains. Our plumbers use muriatic or sulphuric acid for this process. These acids dissolve the proteins in hair and soap. After pouring the acid into the drain, we flush it with water.

10. Drain Liner Installation

If your drain is frequently plagued by tree roots, grease buildup, mineral scale, and other blockages, installing a drain liner reduces the risk of clogs and extends the drain’s lifespan. We also recommend drain liners if you have hard water. The minerals in hard water interact with the metal in pipes and drains, leading to corrosion and rust. The inert liners don’t interact with the minerals in hard water. After cleaning your drain and the connected pipe, our crew can install an epoxy drain liner to protect it from additional damage.

In addition to drain services, we also offer gas and sewer line services and camera inspections. Our water heater and water filtration services offer convenience and provide you with a consistent supply of clean, hot water. You can also turn to us for reliable residential and commercial heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services. For additional information about the drain services you might need in your Tucson home or business, contact us at Fusion Plumbing & Air today.

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