Tucson Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Ensuring your HVAC system is at optimal function.

As a business, it is part of the social contract that you will maintain your building so it is safe and comfortable for clients and customers. This includes maintaining your HVAC system.

Commercial HVAC maintenance should be scheduled at least twice a year, though many businesses benefit most from a quarterly schedule. This ensures that problems are caught before they become severe, and the proper care is given to stop many issues from developing at all.
Tucson Commercial HVAC Maintenance


What Is Included in Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

The specifics may vary based on the make and model of your system, as well as any particular concerns you may have. However, common tasks that are part of the Fusion Plumbing & Air HVAC maintenance service are:
  • Thermostat check
  • Humidity check
  • Verification of cycle settings and operating condition
  • Check gas pressure and adjust for efficiency
  • Inspect all safety controls
  • Check heat anticipator circuitry
  • Check gas valve operation
  • Clean and inspect combustion chamber
  • Clean all surfaces to remove build-up
  • Clean all air ducts
Tucson Commercial HVAC Maintenance
Why Fusion Plumbing & Air?

We know that there are plenty of HVAC companies in Tucson and Phoenix you could work with. So why should you choose Fusion Plumbing & Air?

About Our Service

At Fusion Plumbing & Air, we work with your schedule. We understand that as a business, after hours is usually the best time for HVAC maintenance. We are more than happy to work during the hours most convenient for you and will schedule your quarterly or twice yearly maintenance service well in advance to ensure there is no rush.

Upon arrival, we instantly get to work performing standard maintenance and taking note of anything that needs repaired. We will then speak with you to explain what issues need to be corrected and why, and offer you a quote. With your approval, we will then make all the needed repairs.

When the job is done, our team leaves your place of business cleaner than they found it and completes the paperwork you need for the Fusion guarantee. At all stages, we strive for professionalism and excellence, and focus on client satisfaction.

When your commercial HVAC system stops working or isn’t working well, trust the best HVAC
technicians in Tucson
. For dependable service at a price you can afford, work with Fusion Plumbing &
Air. To get a quote or schedule service, contact us at 520-328-8957 or use our convenient online scheduler.
We look forward to working with you.