Tucson Residential Furnace Replacement

Offering superior service and installation.

Even the best furnace won't last forever. In fact, most last somewhere between 15 and 20 years. When furnace repair in Tucson can no longer get the job done, it is time to opt for furnace replacement.

The idea of replacing your furnace can be stressful. However, with the Fusion Plumbing & Air team on your side, it should be quick, affordable, and as easy on you as possible. Allow us to design the perfect replacement system and install it for you.

Tucson Residential Furnace Replacement


Signs You Need to Replace Your Residential Furnace

The signs of needing repair and replacement are pretty similar. To be certain which is best, allow our technicians to come to your home and assess your furnace. Signs that it may be time for a replacement include:

  • Your furnace being 15 years old or older
  • Needing more and more frequent repairs
  • Strange sounds or smells coming from the furnace
  • The smell of gas in the home (please note this is an emergency; shut off all gas sources and get out of your home, then call emergency services)

If any of the above describe your furnace, please schedule an inspection with Fusion Plumbing & Air today.

Tucson Residential Furnace Replacement
Why Fusion Plumbing & Air?

We know that we are but one of many HVAC companies in Tucson and Phoenix you could work with to repair or replace your furnace. So why should you choose Fusion Plumbing & Air?

About Our Service

Once you contact Fusion Plumbing & Air, our technicians will be at your door as soon as possible, sometimes within minutes of scheduling service. We show up ready to get to work, with all the tools and parts needed to assess your system and repair it if that is the best course of action.

If replacement is required, we will design a system that best suits your home and needs, then draw up a free quote. You then decide if you want to proceed with replacement. If you do, we source all the parts needed and install your new system.

When the job is done, our team leaves your home cleaner than they found it and completes the paperwork you need for the Fusion guarantee, as well as the warranties on the parts of your system. At all stages, we strive for professionalism and excellence and focus on client satisfaction.

When your furnace stops working or isn’t working well, you want the best technicians’ help. For dependable service at a price you can afford, work with Fusion Plumbing & Air. To get a quote or schedule service, contact us at 520-328-8957 or use our convenient online scheduler. We look forward to working with you.