As a homeowner, you probably rely on your garbage disposal to take care of all your food waste. But did you know that there are some things that you should never put down the drain? Putting the wrong items into your disposal can cause clogs and damage to the unit. To save you from a costly repair bill, here are some food items that you should never put down your garbage disposal.

1. Fruits and Vegetable Peels

Potato peels are a common cause of clogged garbage disposals and drains. The starch in the peels can cause them to stick to the blades of your garbage disposal, and as more and more peels build up, the blades will start to wear down. Moreover, the peels can create a sludge that will clog your pipes and make it difficult for water to flow through. Also, potato peels can decompose quickly, producing an unpleasant smell. Instead of putting the peels in the disposal, compost them or throw them in the trash.

Before you chuck that banana peel into the garbage disposal, you might want to think twice. While it may seem like a convenient way to get rid of food waste, putting banana peels down the drain can actually cause a host of problems. For one, banana peels are tough and fibrous, which means they can quickly clog up your pipes. The enzymes in banana peels can break down organic matter in your garbage disposal, leading to unpleasant odors. Finally, while some people believe that banana peels can help to sharpen the blades of a garbage disposal, the truth is that they are more likely to dull the blades over time. So if you want to avoid costly repairs and stinky sink drains, it’s best to stick to throwing those banana peels in the trash.

Asparagus is a delicious and healthy vegetable that can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. However, before you start cooking with asparagus, it is important to know how to properly dispose of the peels. Asparagus peels are tough and fibrous, and they can quickly wrap up the impellers or blades of your garbage disposal. It’s best to avoid putting asparagus peels down your garbage disposal altogether.

2. Coffee Grounds

While the coffee grounds may seem like they will just disappear down the drain, they can actually cause quite a bit of damage to your garbage disposal and your plumbing system. Coffee grounds can quickly build up and clog your pipes, leading to costly repairs. In addition, the oils in coffee grounds can adhere to the blades of your garbage disposal, making them less effective over time. And finally, coffee grounds can produce a foul odor that will permeate your entire kitchen.

If you’re looking for a way to dispose of your coffee grounds, the best solution is to compost them. Composting is an environmentally-friendly way to recycle coffee grounds, and it doesn’t put any strain on your plumbing. Plus, you can use the compost in your garden to help your plants grow!

3. Celery

Celery is made up of two things, water and cellulose. The water content helps to keep the celery crisp, while the cellulose provides structure. When celery is chopped into small pieces, the water content is released, and the cellulose is broken down into individual fibers. These fibers can wrap around the blades of your disposal and cause them to jam. Additionally, the cellulose will absorb water and swell, which can further clog your disposal.

4. Bones

Bones can seriously damage your garbage disposal and even cause it to break. That’s because bones are hard and sharp, and they can get caught in the blades of the disposal, causing them to break or jam. In addition, bones can also scratch the interior of the disposal, leading to rust and degradation over time. Also, bones can create clogs that are difficult to remove and may require the help of a professional plumber. Plus, when bones get ground up in the disposal, they can release unpleasant smells into your kitchen.

5. Egg Shells

Eggshells may seem like a harmless addition to your garbage disposal, but they can actually cause quite a bit of damage. The sharp edges of the eggshells can dull the blades of your disposal, making it less effective at grinding up food. In addition, eggshells can build up on the blades, leading to jams and clogs. If you have a septic system, eggshells can also increase the risk of clogs and backups.

6. Fatty Foods Like Meat Trimmings, Butter, and Vegetable Oils

Meat trimmings should not go down the disposal garbage for a few reasons. First, it can clog your pipes. The fats and oils in meat can solidify as they cool, which can cause a clog.

Butter is one of the most common items that people put down their garbage disposal, but it is also one of the worst things that you can put down the drain. Butter will quickly solidify in your pipes, and it can quickly cause a clog. In addition, butter is a dairy product, and it can spoil quickly. As a result, putting butter down your garbage disposal is a recipe for disaster.

Vegetable oil is another common kitchen ingredient that people mistakenly believe can be put down the drain. However, like butter, vegetable oil will solidify in your pipe, cause clogs, and lead to long-term problems.

7. Pasta

While it might seem like a quick and easy way to get rid of leftover noodles, it can actually cause a serious clog. The long strands can easily get tangled around the blades of your garbage disposal, and as the pasta absorbs water, it expands and becomes even more difficult to break down. In addition, pasta emits a starchy film that can cling to the walls of the disposal and make it harder for future waste to be properly flushed away. As a result, putting pasta in the garbage disposal is a recipe for disaster.

8. Grease

Grease is one of the main culprits when it comes to clogged drains. When hot grease cools and hardens, it can cling to the sides of your pipes and quickly build up, causing a blockage. Even if your grease is in liquid form, it can still cause problems. When grease mixes with soap scum, hair, and other debris, it can create a clog that is difficult to remove. In addition, grease can damage your garbage disposal. The blades in your disposal are designed for chopping up food waste, not greasy liquids. When grease builds up on the blades, it can cause them to become dull and less effective. It can also cause the motor to overheat and eventually fail.

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