Having bad-smelling problems at your home can be very uncomfortable, especially if you like to have frequent visitors. So, what can you do to fix it, and how can you identify where the problem is? Sometimes it can be easy to recognize if the smell comes directly from your bathroom or kitchen drain, but this is not always the case.

We want to help you out by giving you some insights into the possible causes of a bad plumbing smell for you to make smart decisions in case of needing professional assistance.

Problem #1: Clogged Drains
Let’s begin with one of the most common problems, drain clogs, which are exposed to a variety of residues every day. Think of all the soap, shampoo, and dirt that goes down the shower drain or the food waste that goes down your kitchen garbage disposal throughout the day, a lot, right?

Disposals are designed to deal with this type of waste, so when they are not working properly, a bad smell starts to appear, leading to a buildup of rotten food or even bacteria that can grow in the shower drains. The best way to solve it is through a drain cleaning with professionals, who guarantee that the clogs removed will not reappear in a few days, something that usually happens when chemical cleaners are used.

Problem #2: Damaged Sewer Lines
Finding a single drain that is causing a bad smell could be a dry p-trap, which you can solve only by running water down the drain for a little while, but when odors are coming from different drains in your home, it’s a warning of your sewer lines.

Other signs that you can be aware of to see if your sewer lines are in trouble could be finding puddles of foul-smelling water in the garden, lack of draining, or strange sounds like dripping or running water without knowing where it’s coming from. If you detect any of these signs, you will need a sewer line repair as soon as possible. Call an expert!

Problem #3: Blocked Vent Pipes
All drainage systems must be properly vented to prevent smell, this is what vent pipes are for, so if they get clogged, the sewer gas will be seeping into your home.

You can find the vent pipes usually on the roof, so you have to be very careful if you want to take a look to see if there is any obstruction. For your safety, work with professional plumbers to solve the issue; they have the knowledge and tools to fix what’s needed.

We Solve Any Plumbing Problem For You!
The drainage system of your home is important, the reason why you shouldn’t hesitate on hiring professional plumbers for the job. At Fusion & Plumbing Air, we offer you professional plumbing services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ for sewer line repair, drain cleaning, and more! Say goodbye to bad-smelling problems.

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