Noticing that your property’s sewer line is broken can be difficult when not identifying signs that may be telling you there’s a serious problem underground. Keeping your sewer lines in proper conditions is a must for the safety of your property’s environment, as broken or damaged sewer lines can lead to potential health risks.

Keep reading this article to learn some potential signs that can tell you when your sewer line is broken or some damage may have happened underground. Also, consider that after noticing these sewer lines’ broken signs, the first thing to do is contact professional sewer line repair services.

Slow Drain
When your sewer line or drainage is clogged, this can be represented by slow drainage in your sewer line system. However, if you have more than one sewer line experiencing slow drain, it may be telling you that it is not a simple clog down there.

Mold and Mildew
Mold and mildew spotted in your property, especially in the basement area, may be a sign of backed water from a broken sewer line.

Crawlers and Critters
Stagnant water is the perfect place for insects to multiply. Also, rodents live in sewers, so noticing an uptick of bugs and rodents can be a potential sign that you have a sewer line broken in your property. These unwanted visitors are squeezing through the cracks of your broken sewer line.

Unwanted smell
When there is a broken sewer line, one of the quickest ways to notice is by your nose. Sewer lines are designed never to let any smells coming from your drains. So if you notice a weird odor in different areas of your property, toxic sewer gas is making its way to different areas of your property.

Professional Sewer Line Repair and Maintenance in Tucson, AZ.
Your sewer line system is one of the most important elements in your property, so it is essential to provide the proper sewer line maintenance to prevent this unwanted situation from occurring on your property. Fusion Plumbing & Air is a professional company based in Tucson, AZ, that offers professional plumbing solutions, including sewer line repair. If experiencing some problems with your sewer line, do not hesitate to contact this professional and reliable company.

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