When it comes to your AC, you always want to ensure that it’s properly working. Some people tend to put off repairs because of the costs of an AC repair. However, this could result in more expensive problems down the road. This takes us to the next question, should you replace or repair your air conditioning? Well, we have gathered 3 factors to identify if you need to replace or repair your air conditioning.

Factor #1. The Number of Repairs
There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an air conditioner. From a broken fan to clogged vents, there are quite a few issues that may require you to call in the pros. Many homeowners wonder how much it will cost them to have their AC fixed. The type of repair necessary, the kind of system you have, and the number of times you have repaired it are factors that come into play to an AC repair fee.

If you have repaired your air conditioner more than 3 times in 6 months, then a replacement should be a better choice.

Factor #2. The Age of Your AC
The age of the unit is a good indicator of its overall performance. A 6-10-year-old AC will not have the same cooling efficiency as one recently installed. The exact details depend on many factors, including ambient temperatures and how well it was maintained.

Factor #3. The Air Conditioner unit is Frozen
You want the temperature of your air conditioner to be cool but not so cold that it freezes. An air filter blockage or a temperature setting that is too low might cause a frozen evaporator coil or outside unit. It might, on the other hand, indicate a problem with the drain line or the fan. Fortunately, the repairs are not too expensive, and in cases like these, a replacement is not necessary.

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