You know the feeling of walking into a room, and it’s too hot or too cold? That can be a sign that your HVAC system is not running at peak performance. This can be the worst nightmare for homeowners because the system goes out, and the repair is expensive. The best way to avoid that? Regular maintenance.

If you want to keep your energy bills low and maintain good indoor air quality in your house, then make sure you give your HVAC system the proper care with the correct professionals. If you haven’t been doing anything for your system’s well-being, it’s not too late!

The To-Do List
This To-Do list will help you identify potential problems with your system so that you can save money on costly repairs down the road.

Ensure the outdoor unit is connected to a power source and has not been damaged or blocked by plant growth.
Check whether all of the indoor units are on and running properly. This can be done using a remote control, if there’s one.
Inspect the evaporator coils, drain pan, and condensate pump. Drainage should be clear of debris or water that can obstruct drainage. If there are clogs in the drain line, then it must be cleared. Also, check whether all electrical components are working properly.
Check to see if filters have been recently changed so that you can prevent dust, dirt, or other particles from affecting the system’s performance.
Check for any leakage in the ductwork and if there are signs of microbial growth due to damp areas, make sure they are dried up immediately.
If possible, take a look at your outside unit to see whether it is undamaged or not.
Check whether the thermostat is working properly and that it has been programmed correctly.
See if any areas of your house have a lower cooling capacity than other parts because this could be due to bad insulation or ductwork, so check them out.
If you are done with your checklist and have found problems in one or more of these points, it means that your HVAC system is probably in danger of leaving you and your family sooner than you expected; but don’t panic just yet! A professional HVAC company, just like Fusion Plumbing & Air, can help you with everything you need to keep your system running smoothly in no time.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, And We’ve Got The Solution.
We know that winters in Tucson, AZ, can be cold and dry. You will need your HVAC running perfectly to avoid freezing during this next season. At Fusion Plumbing & Air, we offer expert AC repair services for your home.

We take the time to come out and inspect your HVAC system, discuss our findings with you in person, and then offer a risk-free quote that will meet all of your needs. Suppose we find that it is beyond repair or would like us to replace the existing system entirely. In that case, we are happy to work with you to design an AC solution tailored specifically to your situation.

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