Has it ever crossed your mind that someday you could be washing the dishes or taking a bath, and suddenly the water could turn as cold as ice? It would probably not be the best feeling ever, which is the reason why we would like to prevent this from happening to you.

The water heater does not last forever, but how to know when it’s time to replace it? Today, we share 4 signs that you should keep an eye out to identify when the heater is about to die.

#1 Hot Water Lasts Much Less
If your hot water runs out before you need it to or lasts less than when you first bought the heater, you will probably have heating capacity problems. Sometimes we take hot water for granted, but if you invest in it, you shouldn’t be struggling with it. You must get in touch with experts to see if it is something easy to rectify or if you need an entire heater replacement.

#2 Leaks
Finding water leaks in places near to where you have your water heater? This is a red flag! Meaning that something is not working properly and needs to be fixed or replaced immediately. Avoid damages not only to your water heater but also to your home, leading to hefty bill repairs on the floor, walls, and even more!

#3 Unusual Noises
Healthy water heaters should not make any noise. If they do, this would indicate that sediment is probably forming on the bottom of the tank, which can eventually turn into leaking problems. We definitely don’t want this happening to you. Be aware and take action before it turns into a nightmare.

#4 Rusty Water
If your water is not as clear as it should be and you see it a little rusty or with a metallic odor, it will be a sign that something is not working well. Rusting is a problem that can happen to any water heater, especially if they are past their lifespan. Whatever the reason, rust is a problem that should be taken care of for the sanitation of your household.

Replace Your Water Heater On Time With Fusion Plumbing & Air
When to replace the water heater depends on the problem you are having, but if the time has come, here at Fusion & Plumbing Air have the solution to your needs with our professional plumbing services. We will help you just at the right time.

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