Lately, we have learned to spend more and more time at home; the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to do it.

Since we are staying to work from home, we need it to keep a very comfortable environment. Even more, when summer is arriving, if you are looking for ways to keep your home comfortable during the summer, we have some information that will be helpful for you.

There are some air conditioning facts that you need to know to clearly understand how to make our home comfortable and efficient.

In hot areas of the country, air conditioning represents up to 27 % of energy costs.
In the U.S., 87 % of homes use some type of cooling system.
In areas where the climate is hot-humid, around 94 % of households use cooling.
Fewer than 50 % of homes use cooling in marine climate areas.
An Efficient Home Requires An Efficient Air Conditioner
One of the things you might need to do to keep your home in a comfortable environment during the summer is to replace your air conditioner. It is possible that you might have an old air conditioner unit, and that is why you might not be receiving the comfort levels you could achieve.

A newer air conditioner comes with higher efficiency levels that will make your home’s temperature cooler at the minimum energy cost.

Leaking Air Ducts Repair
20 % of the air that moves through a duct system is lost due to leaks or holes and poorly connected ducts. This causes you to get high utility bills and the temperature of your house to be increased.

Sealed ducts significantly improve the efficiency of your cooling system at home; that is why scheduling an inspection or schedule a repair will improve the way your environment at home keeps cool.

Keep An Eye On Your Thermostat
Sometimes, the thermostat might show up false reading; for example, if your thermostat is located too close to your fireplace, it will make your air conditioner cool your home more than needed. Make sure that the area around your thermostat is clear.

Don’t Let The Sun Affects The Temperature in Your House
Something that would impact the comfort of your home is direct sunlight. During the summer, you might want to get drawn curtains and blinds to keep your house cool and comfortable. Windows facing the west side of your house will receive the most unpleasant temperature since the sunlight reflects in the form of heat, making your house temperature environment uncomfortable.

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