When it comes to kitchen drains, it can be said that kitchens are one of the most used areas of your property, so having clogged kitchen drains can be a complete nightmare and lead to adverse health impacts and structural integrity of your property.

When waste materials, debris, and grease build up in your drain system, causing a blockage and leading to water flow back into your sink. However, bacterias, viruses, and diseases spread diseases and viruses which compromise your property’s environment. To prevent kitchen clogged drains, let’s get into do’s and don’ts to prevent this awful situation in your property.

Let’s Jump Into Action To Troubleshoot Your Sink Drain
Flush With Boiling Water
Clogged kitchen sinks are mostly due to food debris and grease accumulation. In this case, try flushing hot water. Another great way to unclog your sink is by pouring dish soap and a large pot of hot water into your drain to dissolve the grease and unclog your kitchen sink.

Use a Plunger
When it comes to clogged drains, plungers are a go-to tool that helps you lose the clog most of the time. To have a successful process, you’ll have to ensure a few inches of water in your sink. Then, place the plunger over and plunge up and down.

Maybe Some Chemicals
Using chemicals sparingly is a great idea to unclog the sink without damaging metal pipes, soften PVC pipes, and use biodegradable commercial drain cleaners. It will take some time to; however, it won’t damage your drain system.

Try To Avoid
Although our main goal is to unclog the kitchen’s drain pipes, there are a few things we should avoid doing when in the process to have a successful unclog drain process.

Don’t Plunge Aggressively.
Plunging too aggressively can lead to severe drain line damage. If your property’s drain line connection gets damaged, it can cause leaks.

Don’t Forget to Check The Stainer.
Checking your kitchen’s sink stopper regularly is a great way to let water flow through your drain pipes regularly. It also prevents food debris from accumulating in the stopper and also causing your sink to get full of water.

Don’t Forget To Check The Trap.
Checking the trap beneath the sink is always a great way to eliminate clogs in your drain pipes. Place a bucket under the sink and remove the trap. After all the standing water is released, try cleaning the clog by hand with some gloves in your hands.

Professional Residential Plumbing Services May Be Required
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