When the summer months arrive, your AC starts working harder. However, if your system isn’t prepared, it can cost you a lot of money. These basic steps can prepare your AC for the warmer summertime.

Step #1. Change the filters
This is the most effective form of air-conditioning. Still, many homeowners do not do it frequently enough. The filters should be changed every month or two to maintain your air conditioner running smoothly.

Step #2. Clean Condensation Lines
The pipe that brings condensation away from your air conditioning unit can get clogged. If the tube is blocked, it can back up into the AC unit or right into your house. If it does, you’ll have a complicated problem as well as high costs in repairs.

To avoid this, locate where the pipe drains and make sure it’s draining pipes appropriately.

Step #3. Buy A Programmable Thermostat
If you don’t have one, you could experience significant power savings by setting up a programmable thermostat. You can set it to decrease air conditioning or heat when you do not need it. Fortunately, these thermostats are relatively easy to install yourself.

Step #4. Clean The Coils
Your AC’s outdoor device has gathered dust, mud, and other debris during the winter, especially if you don’t use a cover. All of that blocks the system; this makes your A/C run sluggishly.

For soiled units, disconnect the power and spray down beyond the system with a garden tube. For stained devices, purchase a commercial air-conditioner cleanser from a hardware shop.

Step #5. Make Sure To Clean The Fins
Cleaning up the fins on an outside unit will assist your air conditioner to run much better. To clean the fins, use a soft brush such as a toothbrush. Delicately run the brush across each fin, being careful not to flex the thin metal.

If you notice that these slim steel fins are damaged, you can use various devices to align them again.

Step #6. Double Check The Concrete Slab
After your external device is clean, use a degree to make sure the concrete slab is level. The system will certainly need to function harder to maintain your residence cool if it’s not.

If the slab isn’t level, pry it up with a board and include crushed rock below in small amounts until it is. Remove the board when you’re done.

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