With the Seasons passing, we tend to set the thermostat up or down to keep a comfortable temperature. However, this action increases energy consumption in our houses.

You might see your energy bill affected because the more the temperature inside your house differs from the outside, The more expensive your energy bill will be. Today, we share 4 tips for an optimal HVCA temperature while it helps you save energy.

Tip #1
Save Energy When You Are Out/ During Bed Time
You don’t need to have your HVAC system running at maximum capacity all the time. That is why, if you and your family are asleep or out of the house, you’ll save a lot of energy by stopping the heating and cooling system. If you are able to raise the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees when you leave your house for a few hours, you will save up to 10% on your bill.

One way to save energy during Summer, for example, is to raise the temperature to 80 degrees; it also helps to have a more restful sleep at night.

Tip #2
Adjust A Programmable Thermostat To Suit Your Schedule
One of the reasons we end up not saving energy is adjusting the HVCA temperature manually every time you need to go out for the day or when you are going to bed. Considering investing in a programmable thermostat can help you immensely to save energy while you are doing it.

The system automatically will run while you are not in the house and when you are also asleep. The thermostat will start warming or cooling the environment just before you arrive and before you just wake up. This mechanism will help you to get significant energy savings. At the same time, you have a very comfortable environment in your house at different times of the day.

Tip #3
Calculate Your Temperature Costs
For each degree you raise or lower the temperature in your house, you are also increasing or reducing your HVAC power cost, around 3% to 5%. If you keep the temperature in your home at 71 degrees during the summer, for example, your energy bill is $160. On average, you can save up to $35 on your next bill.

You might be thinking that is not a significant saving, however with time, it will come to a considerable amount of money in savings.

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