There are a large number of myths out there about how to use your residential AC system efficiently. However, they are just that, myths. If you follow them, it will cost you a lot of money. This is why we bring you 4 air conditioning myths that are costing you money. Keep reading for more.

Myth #1. Your Residence Will Cool Faster by Turning Your Thermostat Temperature Down
Cooling down space in your house will always be a matter of time. If you want to set the thermostat at the lowest setting, your residential AC unit will still perform at the same speed.

Using a programmable thermostat helps with temperature level variations. This will prevent a drastic increase or decrease in temperature.

Change your thermostat temperature according to your preferences and outdoor temperature. The closer your thermostat setup is to the outdoors temperature, the more money you’ll save.

Myth #2. Switching off the Air Conditioner When You’re Not Home Will Save Power
This method might only be effective for prolonged periods. If you switch off the A/C before going out during a sunny day and turn it back on when you get home, your A/C needs to work harder to cool your home. It’s recommended to turn the thermostat up rather than turning it off.

We suggest turning the temperature up while you’re away for the day. This is a better option because it:

Safeguards your home from mold and pests

Turning your air conditioning system off causes moisture and in the summer mold and problems like humidity.

Saves Money

When holding up your thermostat daily, increasing the thermostat a few degrees for 8 hours a day can conserve as much as 10 % of annual home heating and cooling power usage.

Maintains you comfortably

Preserving a cooler temperature all day will handle the indoor moisture.

Myth #3. Air Filters Do Not Need To Be Replaced Often
Air filters collect dust, mold, and other dust fragments. This creates terrible airflow, which requires your Air Conditioning system to work harder, leading to more significant electrical power usage and higher energy expenses.

A clean filter efficiently eliminates airborne particles, varying from dirt to unnoticeable microscopic particles. However, an unclean filter can make indoor air top quality even worse by working as a reservoir for dust and other airborne pollutants constantly distributed back into your breathing air.

Adjust your air filters according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Pick high-quality pleated fabric filters ranked to trap airborne fragments to a size of 3 microns.

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