Furnace Sounds: What They Mean

Is your furnace making strange noises? Vibration, whistling noises, and loud bangs may be an alert to an issue that your furnace is experiencing. Identifying a specific noise may result in finding the issue before it is too late. 

The best way to solve this problem is to contact your local HVAC contractor. Certified HVAC professionals will share their expertise to provide you with effective solutions. Performing a DIY project on your furnace may result in more harm than good. 

This blog presents you with 3 basic furnace sounds and what each means. 

Whistling Noise – Dirty Air Filter 

When your furnace starts making a whistling noise, it may be due to a dirty air filter. Accumulated dirt restricts airflow in the heating system, causing the wheel to restrict airflow. The best way to prevent this is to remove and clean the wheels and replace your filter. 

Vibration and Squealing Noises – Motor Issues

If your furnace generates a high-pitched screaming noise, it could be a sign of a motor problem, such as a broken belt. If you catch a problem early enough, it’s simple to solve with the right tools and equipment. Call your nearest professional HVAC company to fix the belt to prevent your furnace from developing greater problems.

Loud Popping and Banging – Heat Rise Can Cause a CO2 Leak

Loud poppings and banging are a sign of cracks and expansion happening inside your furnace. This is very dangerous and can result in increased heat – this can lead to a CO2 leak. 

A minor gas explosion that occurs when there is an ignition delay could be the cause of a loud booming or pounding noise coming from your furnace. When the gas burners in your furnace don’t ignite on time, gas might build up in the combustion chamber. 

Please, DO NOT attempt to repair a gas burner on your own. Contact your local licensed technician for help. It’s possible that disassembling the heat exchanger or burners will result in a gas leak in your home.

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The best way to safely solve any furnace repairs is to contact your local HVAC experts. They can share their expertise and have the right tools to help you solve ongoing furnace problems. Attempting to DIY can cause more harm than good and can even be a threat to your wellbeing. 

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